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Site specific forest management  

Using detailed spatial site data, the following are examples of programmes implemented by Fractal Forest:

  • Regional fertilization strategies.
  • Nutritional disorders and remedial fertiliser strategies for site types.
  • Site specific fertiliser recommendations per PLU.
  • Land use planning for roads, production units, fire protection and conservation, and
  • Scheduled conversion operations for land use planning.
  • Potential site impacts of harvesting, and optimum seasonal scheduling with minimum risks.
  • Regional optimization of WPUs for Acacia mearnsii bark and timber production.
  • Regional identification of optimum sites for eucalypt pulpwood production.
  • Site limits for sustainable commercial afforestation. 
  • Detailed site evaluations and estimated sustainable site index per PLU.
  • Species/genotype matching in relation to site conditions.
  • Site preparation, planting method and seasonal dates in relation to site conditions.