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Fractal Forest offers a wide range of expert services entailed in identifying, developing and managing intensive forestry projects, from the selection of lands suitable for afforestation to silvicultural management, yield scheduling and harvesting.  Our particular fields of specialisation are geared towards developing forestry enterprises, using knowledge and innovation to derive integrated solutions most compatible with local requirements and conditions.  This approach has been successfully applied on a variety of scales and to a wide range of clients, from international corporations to individual private growers and rural communities.

As plantations differ in terms of natural resources, infrastructure, markets, scale of operations and personnel, each may be considered unique and having its own particular configuration for optimum development.  For both greenfield and established plantations, the constituents of these components (see Natural Resource Investigations) need to be objectively investigated, analysed and integrated before determining the most appropriate developmental strategies and courses of action.  The long term nature of forestry requires that even established enterprises are periodically reviewed as markets alter, new technologies and opportunities emerge and/or climatic shifts occur.