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Established in 1996, Fractal Forest is an association of forestry professionals who share a common vision and subscribe to a philosophy of integrity and excellence, supplying forestry consulting services to a wide range of local and international clients.  The contribution of our individual skills and experience provides a synergistic platform of understanding, from which we are able to offer a comprehensive service that is both sophisticated and extremely practical.

Our focus is on the scientific investigation and development of short rotation plantation forestry enterprises (tree farming) for pulpwood, sawtimber, poles and biofuels.  We encourage our clients and partners to practice optimum site-specific and intensive forestry in a manner that is profitable, environmentally sustainable and socially acceptable.

Fractal Forest follows the Ecosystem Approach as promoted by the Convention on Biological Diversity, and acknowledges that forest sites support a range of human social needs in addition to timber production, water-yield and natural habitats for plants and animals.