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Horst Kassier  

Name: Horst Werner Kassier
Nationality: South African
Date of birth: 28 October 1946
Profession: Forestry Scientist
Company: Independent (Fractal Forest)
Position: Forestry Consultant
  • Tree growth and yield modelling
  • Forest inventory
  • Forest management and planning

Key Experience  

Coming from a planning, economics and mensuration background, Horst Kassier has developed a special interest in growth and yield modelling, inventory and forest level planning in fast-growing, even-aged forestry plantations.  In his long career he has gained wide experience through various projects in the temperate, sub-tropical and tropical areas of southern Africa, covering a multitude of pine, eucalypt and acacia species.  He has travelled internationally on various occasions gaining forestry experience in Europe, the USA and South Americas.  He has also been guest lecturer in forest management and growth and yield modelling at the Universities of Stellenbosch and KwaZulu-Natal and is completely fluent in the English, German and Afrikaans languages.

  • Forestry Consultant, from 2002 – Independent Consultant.
  • Manager / Senior Manager: 1993 – 2001 R & D Division, SAFCOL
  • Assistant / Deputy Director: 1985 – 1992 Forest Management (Systems) Dept Water Affairs & Forestry
  • District Forest Officer: 1983 – 1984 Dept of Water Affairs & Forestry, Mpumalanga
  • Senior Professional Officer: 1978 – 1982 Forest Management, Department of Forestry
  • Professional Forest Officer: 1974 – 1977 Economics Division, Dept. of Forestry, Pretoria
  • Technical Officer (Forest Management), 1970 – 1973 University of Stellenbosch


  • Ph.D  Forestry, Univ. Stellenbosch, 1993.
  • M.Sc.  Forest Planning, Univ. Stellenbosch, 1975.
  • B.Sc. Forest Science, Univ. Stellenbosch, 1969.