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Forest enterprise development  

  • Planning  and implementation of community-based forestry enterprise: Eastern Cape (South Africa).
  • Agroforestry strategies for private nurseries: Katse (Lesotho)
  • Afforestation potential and development strategy: Eastern Cape (South Africa)
  • Making forestry markets work for the poor - various sub-projects around policy and implementation of forestry enterprise developments (South Africa).
  • Reassessment of the long term sustainable yields of plantations and rehabilitation plan: Eastern Cape (South Africa).
  • Valuation of forestry options and business potential: Mbazwana & Manzengwenya, KZN (South Africa)
  • Assessment of the role of small-scale timber production in South Africa.
  • An assessment of the forestry assets (South Africa).
  • Mapping and preparation of working plans for the Mpumalanga plantations
  • Valuation of plantations: KwaZulu/Natal (South Africa).
  • Review of forestry business sustainability in South Africa
  • Evaluation of South African Qualifor certification programme.
  • Business plan for  community-based forestry cooperative: KwaZulu/Natal (South Africa).
  • Impact assessment of greenfield forestry developments: Niassa (Mozambique).
  • Feasibility study and business plan for fuel pellet plant based on plantation and sawmill residues: Ingwe (South Africa).
  • Development of a national set of criteria, indicators and standards of sustainable forestry (South Africa).
  • Streamlining the licensing of commercial afforestation in South Africa.
  • Water use licensing in South Africa – evaluation and recommendations.